Saturday, October 10, 2009

It's my life!

God has blessed me with such an amazing son ... We wrestle and growl and play with motorcycles all day long ... it's my life!


vicki said...

Nice to see father and son in harmony. Laying back and contemplating whatever it is that you are contemplating. A true connection and blessed in every way.

Meghan said...

it was so cute watching him follow you around at the yard sale asking "what you doing, dad?" "whew you going, dad?" or asking me "whew is my dad?"

faith said...

Hi Nathan,
I have a friend in Redding who has introduced me to the stirring pod casts. I live out of state and listen every week from afar. I usually come away from the sermon feeling very good and ready for the day. Your sermon on 10-11-09 left me with some questions, however. I am wondering why you didn't talk about the symbolism of the pomegranate in your quote “...your thighs shelter a paradise of pomegranate...” you stated “be careful men, don't know what that means.” I assume that you are a bible scholar based on the job you have, how could you preach from something without adequate knowledge? But why didn't you know that the symbolism was for a vagina? Is it that you did know but didn't want to talk about a woman's vagina? Isn't it beautiful in God's creation? Also, some other girls and I are a bit turned off by the verbiage you have been using lately. Referring to women as property of their fathers and husbands is a bit medieval. Perhaps you could update your verbiage a bit to appeal to a broader spectrum of women? I didn't know where to email so posted here.

Thanks so much for everything. God bless,